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Cybersecurity in healthcare: Towards global scale-up & resilience at national & organisational level

Digital technology has transformed health systems, helping to reduce costs and improve the management of patient care. However, the rapid global adoption of emerging technologies in healthcare has led to increased vulnerability to cyber threats that can erode patient trust and compromise the safety and confidentiality of patient data. Health systems and organisations around the world urgently need to scale-up their cybersecurity, but with so many conflicting priorities undertaking this endeavour can be challenging.

Andrew Dinsley, (Deputy Head (Programmes), Cyber Policy Department, National Security Directorate, FCDO) discusses the FCDO programme of work and bridging cybersecurity gaps across different country settings. Dr Saira Ghafur (Digital Health Lead, IGHI) outlines the findings of the recently published report entitled Safeguarding Our Healthcare Systems: A Global Framework for Cybersecurity and next steps for global scale-up.


Dr Saira Ghafur Digital Health Lead, Institute of Global Health Innovation, Imperial College London

Andrew Dinsley

Deputy Head (Programmes), Cyber Policy Department, National Security Directorate, UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office

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