Involving patients, carers, and the public in patient safety research

Patient and public involvement in research is now expected by many funding bodies. However, in many cases, practical aspects of involvement are overlooked and involvement is tokenistic in nature. Dr. Steph Archer of the NIHR Imperial PSTRC discusses some of the evidence on the benefits of patient and public involvement, cites examples of good practice, and highlights challenges for the future.

Webinar recording


Dr. Steph Archer is a Registered Health Psychologist and Research Fellow in the NIHR Imperial Patient Safety Translational Research Centre (PSTRC) at Imperial College London.

Steph is the co-lead for Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement within the PSTRC. Steph’s research focuses how patients, carers and the public can become involved in patient safety through co-design and co-production.

Her previous research has centred on exploring the patient experience of cancer treatment and how this can be integrated into service redesign and development.