Patient safety - What can we learn from the nuclear industry?

Health care has primarily used retrospective review approaches to identify and mitigate hazards, with little evidence of measurable and sustained improvements in patient safety. Conversely, the nuclear power industry has used a proactive peer-to-peer assessment process grounded in open information exchange and cooperative organizational learning to realize substantial and sustainable improvements in safety.

In this webinar, Riccardo Chiarelli proposes creating and implementing a structured peer-to-peer review assessment model in health care, similar to that used in the nuclear power industry, to accelerate improvements in patient safety.

Webinar recording


Riccardo Chiarelli is a Senior Manager at an international organization for nuclear safety. He coordinates nuclear safety projects across the globe and leads international peer review assessments of operational safety in nuclear power plants. Riccardo is a technical advisory board member for the Johns Hopkins Medical Institute to improve quality and safety in hospitals by using the peer review process used in the nuclear industry.

Previously, Riccardo worked 8 years for a multinational utility covering different positions, including business development engineer and performance improvement director in a nuclear power station in Spain. Riccardo worked 2 years for the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna as a nuclear safety expert, chairing several meetings on operational excellence and nuclear safety.

He is also a lecturer and visiting professor in several universities, including the World Nuclear University, the ESCP business school in London, the Institute for Advanced Study of Pavia, Italy, and at the London School of Economics