SOS Dashboard: Monitoring Sepsis Interventions at Scale

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

Launched in 2018, the Dashboard for the first time has enabled institutions in the UK to get an overall picture of hospital admissions coded in the SOS category, allowing them to assess the scale at a local, regional, and national level.

Sepsis is a severe, life-threatening infection, which does not have a gold standard diagnostic test nor a universally accepted definition. Consequently, its frequency and deaths cannot be precisely measured or compared over time. Monitoring sepsis has been a further challenge in the UK due to changes in coding, which has led to an artificial increase in sepsis reporting. The Suspicion of Sepsis (SOS) Insights Dashboard is designed to address this issue by adopting a more stable and reliable set of codes. It is the first tool to allow organisations to gain an overall picture of hospital admissions coded in the SOS category. In this webinar, Kenny will provide an overview of the SOS Dashboard and trends found thus far, and importantly how it can be applied and adopted in other health care systems.


1. Develop an understanding of the problem of measuring sepsis scale and outcomes

2. Develop a basic working knowledge of the SOS Insights dashboard

3. Generate ideas for local improvement projects based on insightful analysis of data


Kenny Ajayi, Programme Director --Patient Safety, Imperial College Health Partners (ICHP) London, UK

Experience: At ICHP, Kenny drives change and innovation in patient safety across the health and social care system in North West London. Prior he worked in risk management of the NHS, physiotherapy and clinical ergonomics and human factors in the NHS and local authorities.

Interests: System leadership; capability building and developing partnerships across boundaries to achieve system-wide innovation and impact on patient safety.

Education: Masters degrees in ergonomics/human factors and also in Integrated Governance in Healthcare.