The CANDOR Process - Communication and Optimal Resolution

22 July 2015

The CANDOR (Communication and Optimal Resolution) Process is a comprehensive, principled approach health systems, institutions, and practitioners can use to respond in a timely, thorough, learning, and just way to unexpected patient harm events.  

The webinar focuses on the application of evidence-based tools that make up the CANDOR Process toolkit - tools that include:

1) event reporting,

2) human factors event analysis, 

3) communication and disclosure skills training, 

4) care for the caregiver program implementation, and

5) resolution principles including systems and process improvement strategies

Listeners will learn the patient safety-related benefits of implementing the CANDOR Process tools.

Webinar recording


Timothy McDonald, MD, JD, is the Inaugural Chair of Anesthesiology and Medical Director of Quality and Safety at the Sidra Medical and Research Center in Doha, Qatar. His research efforts have focused on the principled approach to quality, patient safety and medical-legal issues related to patient harm with an emphasis on the robust reporting of patient safety events, near misses and unsafe conditions. The principled approach to patient harm also includes a commitment to communicate within the health care team and with patients and families throughout the therapeutic relationship, especially after harm occurs. His US federally funded research has focused on all of these domains and their impact on improving the quality of care while mitigating medical-legal issues, including the establishment of teaching methodologies for all levels and professions in health care.