The First Independent Analysis of the Pharmaceutical Industry's Efforts to Curb AMR

Looking at the Access to Medicine Foundation's Recently Released Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark

The Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark is the first independent analysis of pharmaceutical industry efforts to tackle drug resistance. The report covers antimicrobial R&D, responsible manufacturing and appropriate access and stewardship. It evaluates 30 pharmaceutical companies, including those with the largest R&D divisions, the largest market presence, and specific expertise in developing critically needed medicines and vaccines. The AMR Benchmark finds that companies are developing new drugs as well as dismantling the incentives that encourage sales staff to oversell antibiotics, setting limits on the concentration of antibiotics in factory wastewater released into the environment, and tracking the spread of superbugs.

In the Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark, GSK and Johnson & Johnson lead among the large research-based pharmaceutical companies, while Mylan leads the generic medicine manufacturers and Entasis leads in the biotechnology group. The benchmark finds room for all companies to improve, as well as evidence of good practice.

AMR Benchmark Report: https://accesstomedicinefoundation.org/media/atmf/2017-Methodology-for-2018-Antimicrobial-Resistance-Benchmark-final.pdf

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Karrar Karrar (Full bio)

Karrar is a Researcher at the Access to Medicine Foundation, supporting the work of the Access to Medicine Index and the Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark. As a pharmacist by training, he holds a Master’s of Pharmacy from Cardiff University and a MSc in International Health Policy from the London School of Economics and Political Science where he completed his dissertation on ‘Innovative and sustainable business models for pharmaceutical companies in resource limited low and middle income countries.’ Prior to joining the Foundation, Karrar has worked as a rotational clinical Pharmacist covering different subspecialties of medicine in the British National Health Service (NHS). He completed postgraduate qualifications in clinical pharmacy at Cardiff University.

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