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The Global Response to Antimicrobial Resistance & Future Directions for Antimicrobial Stewardship

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a serious and escalating threat that demands sustained global action by all sectors. It is essential that everyone, from those in industry and large pharmaceutical companies to prescribers and the general public, plays their part. Stewardship of antimicrobials currently available to us is vital in order to preserve the effectiveness of these drugs for as long as possible and hence is a key component of our response to AMR.

This talk will discuss:

• The need for a ‘one health’ approach to tackle AMR

• The current national and international response to AMR and progress made

• The importance of stewardship and activities across the public, private and philanthropic sectors in mitigating this threat

• Examples of stewardship initiatives both in the UK and globally


Prof. Dame Sally Davies, DBE, FMedSci, FRS As Chief Medical Officer for England, Dame Sally acts as the UK government’s principal medical adviser and head of public health directors in local government. She has long advocated globally for AMR related policies, speaking at numerous events including the World Health Assembly, the 2016 UN General Assembly, the 2015 G8 science ministers’ meeting and the 2015 Global Health Security Initiative. Dame Sally was Chair of the 2013 AMR forum at WISH and for three years was Chair to the WHO Strategic and Technical Advisory Group on AMR. Dame Sally was also appointed as co-convener of the UN Inter-Agency Co-ordination Group on Antimicrobial resistance, set up in response to the AMR declaration made at UNGA in 2016.

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